Wednesday, October 17, 2007


Ireland manager Derek Davis' future looked bleak after he saw his side beaten 1-1 by the indomitable Cypriots at GAA Park on Wednesday evening.

The home side, so impressive in beating the Germans by a score of zero to zero on Saturday, were overwhelmed by their illustrious opponents, conceding to Papadopolous Okahopolis late in the fourth quarter period.

A late strike by Matt Damon failed to quieten the GAA Park boo-boys, who had turned out in their tens to watch a stagnant Irish performance. Midfield maestro Danny DeVito, so influential against the Bavarians, was a shadow of his diminutive self, seeing pie after pie sail harmlessly to touch as his incredulous teammates could only yearn for the anonymity of the Premier League.

Davis is now expected to return cap in hand to the warming bosom of the RTE couch and Thelma Mansfield, with the FAI bigwigs crawling back to Eoin Hand, a man who almost nearly took Ireland to the brink of the Simod Cup qualifiers in 1973.

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