Thursday, September 13, 2007

You Sexy Beast you!

Second post of the night, suppose I'm restless. Thought I'd talk about my recent filmic purchases and experiences.

First of all, I saw Knocked Up. 5X is bound to gawp at this one, it being 'white shite' and all, but it actually tickled me. Hardly the most subtle humour you'll ever come across but Katherine Heigl's deadly and yer man wasn't your typical leading man goon, so it's worth your time. Ephemeral it may be, but so's a nice Malteser Ice Cream so off you go or your money back.

Now, DVDs. Have bought many recently, seeing as I have little cash and need to waste whatever I do possess.

The Proposition I found to be a monumental film. I hadn't seen it before, but it was a winner from the get-go. I remember Guy Pearce in Neighbours. Not sure where I'm going with that point, but he excels here as a morally invisible gang member in a tight spot.

I've never been a massive Ray Winstone fan, and with one glib comment I've alienated my entire male readership, but he is class in this.

Also got the Prestige, which I've probably blogged about before. Christopher Nolan's finest film to my mind, pisses on Memento. Sorry Dave.

Moving on, The Departed because I felt I had to, and not JUST because of the Oscars. I've been tarred with the wrong brush there. Didn't love it by any means, but figured it would be a grower.

The Deer Hunter gets better every time I watch it. The wedding scene is exhaustive and maybe twenty minutes too long, but after that there's not a frame wasted and it served as a prelude to De Niro's best moments where his silence is his strong suit. See Heat, for example. Neil McCauley's a descendant of Michael, he must be.

Also got The Godfather trilogy because I didn't own it myself, and Taxi Driver. I don't need any more words on those.

Getting back to Dave, I want Napoleon Dynamite back.

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Terence McDanger said...

I voted for Pedro.