Sunday, September 02, 2007

One of these aul things...

1. Full Name: **** *******.
2. Nicknames: Radge. Titface.
3. Birthday: 30th November.
4. Place of Birth: Dublin.
5. Zodiac Sign: Sagittarius.
6. Male or Female: Male
7. Year: Yes.
8. Former school: Belvedere.
9. Occupation: Journalist
10. Residence: Dublin

__Your Appearance___

12. Hair Color: Brown. Not greying.
13. Hair Length: Which hair?
14. Eye Colour: Blue
15. Weight: Fluctuating. Roughly 12 stone, I suppose.
16. Height: Five foot eight minus a smidgeon.
17. Braces?: Nah.
18. Glasses?: Almost always.
19. Piercings: Not a one.
20. Tattoos: I don't foresee it.
21. Righty or Lefty: Thrifty.

___Your 'Firsts'___

22. First best friend: Probably imaginary.
23. First Award: The Gradam Mobhi.
24. First Sport You Joined: Drinking.
25. First pet: Kitty.
26. First Real Vacation: Too small to remember. Probably Luxembourg. Oik.
27. First Concert? Wet Wet Wet. I'm not ashamed.
28. First Love: Madeleine Lyes. Unrequited. I was 9.

___ Favorites___

29. Movie: Too many to mention.
30. TV programme: West Wing/Sopranos/Six Feet Under/Scrubs/Football.
31. Color: Don't care.
32. Rapper: Always thought the Kinder Bueno has a lovely foil.
33. Band: National.
34. Song: City Middle.
35. Friends: They don't wish me any SPECIFIC harm.
36. Sweet: Twixes.
37. Sport to Play: Bed sports.
38. Resturant: Waga I like.
39. Favorite brand: Of?
40. Store: Kelloggs Country...
41. School Subject: I'm a professional journalist. No more school.
42. Animal: Momo Sissoko.
43. Book: The Grapes Of Wrath.
44. Magazine: Total Film.
45. Shoes: Have been known to wear same.


46. Feeling: Driven by lust.
47. Single or Taken?: Single.
48. Have a crush: Not yet.
49. Eating: Nothing.
50. Drinking: Not alcohol anymore.
51. Typing: Loudly.
52. Online?: Next...
53. listen to? Some rugby nonsense. In work having completed shift and waiting for the bus.
54. Thinking About: Steak.
55. Wanting To: Drink. But not going to.
56. Watching: My wallet.
57. Wearing: New white t-shirt replete with slogan, clothes.

___Your Future___

58. Want Kids?: Yes. In March 2052. Specifically.
59. Want to be Married?: Not in my thinking.
60. Careers in Mind: Butcher, candlestick maker.
61. Where do you want to live: Ireland.
62. Car: I'm a driven man.

__Which is Better With The Opposite Sex___

63. Hair color: Mauve.
64. Hair length: Short, then long, then short, then shaved.
65. Eye color: Bleu.
66. Measurments: There's a typo in that word.
67. Cute or Sexy: I'll argue with neither.
68: eyes or lips: A woman should come equipped with both.
69. Hugs or Kisses: Kisses.
70. Short or Tall: Smaller than me, ideally.
71. Easygoing or serious: Both.
72. Romantic or Spontaneous: Didn't realise these were exclusive.
73. Fatty or Skinny: Somewhere in between.
74. Sensitive or Loud: Sensitive. Don't like loud.
75. Hook-up or Relationship: Depends on the people.
76. Sweet or Caring: Swearing.
77. Trouble Maker or Hesitant One: Trouble Maker.

___Have you ever______

78. Kissed a Stranger: I have.
79. Had Alcohol: Too much.
80. Smoked: In my time.
81. Ran Away From Home: Too lazy.
82. Broken a bone: Don't know.
83. Got an X-ray: Roughly 28 and a half of them.
84. Been with someone: I have been in the company of people. Is this a sheltered way of asking if I've had sex? If so, yes.
85. Broken Someones Heart: Yeah.
86. Broke Up With Someone: Yeah.
87. Cried When Someone Died: Yeah.
88. Cried At School: Maybe, when I was six.

___Do You Believe In___

89. God: Yeah. He plays for Cardiff.
90. Miracles: No.
91. Love At First sight: Lust definitely, love no.
92. Ghosts: Don't be talkin' soft!
93. Aliens: It was a sequel to the film Alien, or so I've heard. I'm a smart arse gobshite really.
94. Soul Mates: Four at my last count.
95. Heaven: Maybe.
96. Hell: Perhaps.
97. Angels: Blah.
98. Kissing on The First Date: No. Purely intercourse.
99. Horoscopes: I was joking on that last one. Just oral. OK. I'd better stop. Hand jobs. I can't seem to...

___Answer Truthfully___

100. Is There Someone You Want But You Know You Can't Have? Ronaldinho. He's too expensive, he'd never join us. And no.

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