Sunday, September 16, 2007

Stay away from Grogans.

Having an indoor day, keeping me to myself, staying stuck to the couch surrounded by my DVDs, but can't decide what to watch.

I think Taxi Driver.

Anyway, quiet enough few days. Saw Atonement on Thursday, riveting stuff, that five-minute tracking shot at Dunkirk a piece of cinematic genius. Took to the drink on Friday night, a few handy ones with Ollie, Noel and the Belle, lovely, then the Liverpool match yesterday in The Bank.

To be continued....


Got distracted there, Cowzer, Dave and JW came a calling for sups and I obliged. Shook now but. It's a beauteous day out there, which probably means I'll stay indoors with the curtains closed and the TV on. Never was one to make the most of the sun.

Back to last night - went to Grogans. In a recent interview, Graham (think that's his first name) Knuttel the artist spoke about his drinking days, and the fact that he gave up the gargle for a number of years. He now drinks once a week. The interviewer asked him what's the best way for someone trying to give up drink to get through their plight.

"Stay away from Grogans," he responded. Pity I didn't heed his advice. In a heap. There are crap stools and flies everywhere, my kind of aleing house.

I'm going back to bed. It's early yet.


Terence McDanger said...

I see you've returned to your original livery - or was that Cowzer's?
Whatever happened to under the floodlights? If there was one man that could be more pissed off about certain things than me it was good old Trousers.

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ps Don't you know dude that a quarter pounder and cheese and fries goes best with a chilled Budweiser?