Saturday, July 21, 2007

Basetouchers rant 45

OK, I return. It's Saturday, the weather's shit, sitting in Limerick, nothing to do but blog. The details of my life at the moment would bring shame to me, to this blog, to everything, so not getting into it.

Instead I'm going to write about the 'busies'.

I've been observing these lads and ladies with more and more interest in the office. Fascinating. They're the bottom feeders who enjoy the nausea of the corporate ladder.

1) They must talk on the phone very loudly. One little hellion in Setanta Central, let's call her Sweetie Darling, is known for her less than subtle phone manner. Especially when talking to slightly important football pundits.

2) They touch base. Makes sense really, given the path they've chosen.

3) They don't walk, they stride, and they have to be on a mobile phone touching base with someone while they do it.

4) They talk about going forward, without moving an inch.

5) They ask if anyone fancies a few bevvies after work on Friday. Tuesday afternoon drinking is complete anathema.

6) They like horse racing, but ONLY during Cheltenham. Or the Grand National for a flutter. Ask them who won the 3.20 at Market Rasen and they'd most likely froth at the mouth and wreck their tie.

7) They air kiss.

8) They go to Howl At The Moon.

9) And read Ross O'Carroll Kelly.

10) And drink Budweiser.

Fuckin' basetouchers, man.

Wednesday, July 04, 2007


Y'know those stupid email jokes you get three or four times a day, the ones masquerading as humour, who writes those?

I've often pondered where they originate as I hunt in haste for the delete button.

So begins another missive on the life of Radge. I've kept schtum lately for technical reasons, I still haven't got the Interweb in the flat, so I write to you from my work desk of a lunch break, a Hot Italian Hoagie and half a bag of Hunky Dory's already consumed.

I've taken an inordinate like of dark chocolate. Dorte's chocolate fondue set may be to blame, or maybe it's my taste buds - they change every seven years, reportedly. I never thought I'd be talking about chocolate fondue sets, it's far from them I was reared, but that's just the kind of man I've become.

I also bring good news of work, got me a nice little job as Sportstel Editor. This won't mean much to most* of you, but rest assured I'm pleased.

What I'm not happy with is the current state of my bank balance, however. Spent the weekend in Westport for Ollie's birthday, and Jaysus but it proved pricey. Still, we managed to have the craic and will get around to posting pictures if I can figure out how to.

All that aside, lunch hour is up, so see ye.