Friday, June 22, 2007

Radgery lives!

Radgery lives! I can't bring myself to kill it off. Can't. Too many words expressed and days gone by.

I've had little chance to blog lately though, I'm currently stealing five minutes from the lobotomising EPG shift in Setanta Central to speak to you.

Does anyone know if Level 42 have a 'Best Of'? Was talking to Dave about them at the traffic lights on Tara St the other day. I loved Mark King and his troupe as a nipper. 'Running In The Family,' 'Lessons In Love,' eh... Can't remember any others but if anyone spies said CD, drop me a line...

Sunday, June 03, 2007


A while since I've put a picture on this, some illustration, so this was me little over a week hence in Dorte's place with two of her visiting pals from Denmark.

The camera has added a number of pounds to me, upwards of ten anyway! Still, all in the name of fun.

I'm in Limerick again, seems the only place I can blog nowadays, save for the odd twenty minutes stolen in work, here and there. Still no Interweb in Radgery Central, you see. I'll remedy shortly, all going well.

There's a lightness in my step lately, a feeling of general optimism undented by my crappy station in work. Still with the TV listings, living the dream, but hopefully that'll be sorted soon.

Toying with the thought of leaving old Radgery behind. There it is. There looms the feeling that I've written one humdrum entry too many, so it might be time to move to pastures new. Having said that, I may reverse my decision and blog here for many years to come. Who knows, just something to explore.

There are only so many cheeses though.