Monday, May 14, 2007

Pades of shink.

Hello, you lovely people.

My time off is closing up rapidly, seems like many, many moons since I last trod the boards of Setanta Central. I'm back there on Saturday when the new routine kicks in. No more quick ambles up the quays for me. No no no, I'm bussing it again from my lair on Charleville Road.

Still, can't complain, it's working out well. This living alone lark was always going to be a tough one to negotiate, but I've done alright so far. Granted, I do miss Johnny robbing my beans and Aisling replacing them, and the general vitriol fired at me daily for the last ten years by the great oppressor, but I'm surviving.

I'll remain a frequent visitor to Forbes Quay, not wanting to lose the run of myself and all...

Otherwise, it's been the best of times. A lot of fun has been had in the recent times, can't smile wide enough. Had dingers of nights on Friday and Sunday with the lads, while Saturday was a bit good too (though the live music idea in La Terrazza was lost on me, the food and company was more than acceptable!).

By the way, I need the following items for the flat:

An iron.
A kettle.
A George Foreman grill.
More cutlery.
A wok.
Tinned food in case of war.
A bomb shelter.
BADLY need broadband.
Some lamps.
A laundry basket.
More air fresheners.

Can anyone help?

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