Saturday, May 26, 2007

All God's hours.

I've no time for idiots. You know the type, they put '-ers' at the end of a first name to signify to some kind of chummy familiarity.

For instance, I heard this one in the office the other day. "Hey Neilers, did you get that promo I sent over to you?" It made me grimace, like a particularly sour sweet.

Yes yes, I'm a miserable bastard. In fine spirits though, about to drink with 5X for the first time since a particularly cloudy session at Christmas. Then it's on to Blanchardstown to acquaint myself with two friends of Dorte's, over themselves for a debauched weekend.

It never stops.

Otherwise, I hope you're keeping away from yourselves. I was bitterly disappointed by Liverpool's defeat on Wednesday, and then proceeded to get over it five minutes later. I never get too upset about the 'fitba', you see, we'll take it next year.

Finally got my hands on 'Boxer,' and tickets to see The National again in November. Cheers to Ollie for that one. It's a spectacular album, with stand-outs 'Brainy,' 'Mistaken For Strangers,' 'Slow Show' and the masterpiece that is 'Green Gloves.'

I need a haircut. But when? Working all of God's hours!


Anonymous said...


The Radge-tional!

At 2:30pm this afternoon, well known band 'The National' won their case of harassement against 28 year old Dublin man, Tony 'Radge' Cuddihy. Mr. Cuddihy was sentenced to 220 hours of community service and has been forced to stay at least 50 feet away from any of the band members or their families.
The first incident occured in September 2006, when Mr. Cuddihy approached the band at a concert they were playing in Dublin's Vicar Street venue. He physically assaulted at least two of the band members after posing as a drunken roadie. Later, Mr. Cuddihy was seen in the vicinity of their recording studios, brandishing a large axe and wailing uncontrolably. The harassment and numerous sexual assaults, both physical and mental continued for several months. After the hearing, Mr. Cuddihy commented
"It's terribly unfair, all I wanted to do was love them and now I feel extremely let down..."

Radge said...

Anonymous indeed!

Still, I'm surprised it's taken so long for someone to take me up on my obsession with said rock troupe. Well done.