Monday, April 16, 2007

Mocking is catching.

The above link features 'Fake Empire,' the unwitheringly gorgeous new tune by The National. Oh mercy me. As Johnny Ward said to me, its immediacy will be its downfall. Beautiful. Check out the horns at the end.

Anyway it's me here again. Off work nursing a hoor of a hangover and a burgeoning cold. Out last night with the aforementioned Galway lad and Skehan, in Brogans. Got messy with the Jameson and the Charlies sweet and sour afterwards.

What's that smell? Burnt candle wick it is. Whether it's been out getting shenaniganed or in getting served gin cocktails in Blanchardstown (Dorte was right about the grape juice concoction the other night, far less acidic than a Manhattan), it's been a great and good time for old Radge. I'm happy to put up with this light ailment for the sake of the craic.

On to other matters. Walking to lunch last week, Dave, Julie and Emma told me they only refer to Radgery when they're involved. So, for the sake of boosting my readership, consider yourselves mentioned, along with...

5X, Richie, Denise, Lynn, Andrew, Gillian, the Jennifers (both Bacon and Clegg), Lisa, both Kev Murphys, Johnny, Pike, Ollie, the Belle, Noel, my mam, my dad, Anne, Emma, Cowzer, Dave Delany, Dockers, Faela, Gillian in China, Aisling, Jasper, Princess Orla, Etaoin, Mark McCadden, Karen, Anne's John, Ronan, Austin, Kenny, Ken, Finbar, Billy Leahy, Raf, Jay, Ciara, Gersende, Twenty Quid, Ding Dong, Niamho, Michelle...

If I've forgotten you, well, you have some getting over it to do.

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Trevor32A said...

Ahem - you forgot me!!