Monday, March 05, 2007


Had an email from Gillian today, wondering if it was true, had I really foresaken booze above all others? She's been keeping up to date here, you see, wherein I informed you all of my all-too-recent pledge to stay on the straight and sober.

Well, I broke it.

And how.

It began last Wednesday when I took to the Long Stone. Had been there the previous night too, with the lads from work, and didn't touch a drop. Let's just say I've had better nights, though no fault of the Setanta crowd, you understand...

Anyway, Wednesday and met Kenny - back from Germany - and Kev and I broke. Started with a 7-Up but soon gave up the ghost and next thing I knew it was Thursday, and the snug in Kehoes with Ollie and it was all over again.

Did discover the Ha'penny Bridge Inn though, what a spot, and some very friendly Welsh folk from Rhyl. One was called Kate-eh, and another one Rhys. Fucked if I recall the rest of that night.

Which took me to Friday, and met Val for some long overdue dinner and drinks value. Most pleasant, but she chose to abandon me early (I'll get an irate comment for this, no doubt!) and I ended up in the warming bosom of Dr Fell and the rest of the lads in O'Neills.

Dave raised an interesting point on the night. He said he enjoys reading old Radgery, but he feels there's very little of my actual life in here. Gave me some pause for thought, and upon reflection it's almost certainly true.

The details are all correct - in that I do find myself in the pubs of Dublin to excess and I don't bother changing any names - but by and large I choose not to divulge the minutiae, the smaller moments that make a man, or break a man, and the longings and the crapnesses that make life such as it is.

Anyway, I appreciated the observation from Dave, he's a tough man to get anything past.

So where was I? Oh yeah, looking at the moon. That was Saturday. I've settled on 'ochre' - see comments on previous posting from 5X - and since then I've happened down to Limerick to see the auld pair.

They're keeping well and asking for you.

YOU in particular.

Cheese of the week: Vieux Boulogne: Recently named the world's smelliest cheese, and it's aged with beer apparently. Cheers Jennifer for the info on this. To the hypermarché!

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