Friday, March 09, 2007

Me on the film called 'Venus'

'Venus' (as relayed to 5X and Fell through email this morning)...

I really can't recommend it enough, as per my text.

Two old goats, actors, and one (Peter O'Toole) takes a lusting to a young one. All played out very subtly, and the scenes with the aul boys in the cafe are pure gold. Could almost be us in 42 and a half years.

Reminds me of the O'Toole classic. He's on a session with Richard Harris before they're both due to appear on stage. O'Toole just makes the curtain, steamed, and as he begins to perform an audience member shouts out...

"Mr O'Toole, YOU'RE DRUNK!"

To which the great man responds, drolly and icily,

"If you think I'M drunk sir, wait until you see Harris."

It's my favourite West End story to recount, and really puts my current standing on the Content shift in Setanta in context.

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