Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Way past bedtime...

Sweet divine mother of all that is holy in the world of St Columbanus of the Cross Of Cush.


Yep it's old Radgery up to his tricks, the dirty sly dog running through the events and tumult of his life for you, my pretties.

Bantry is still in one piece. Took a trip there with the aul lad over the last day or two, and a fine time was reported by all. Or, well, both. Did the usual boozing and driving over mountains and admiring the unsullied parts of Ireland, before we packed up and came back to Limerick.

Limerick. A hole, mainly.

What else? Mention must go to our brilliant work lunches, normally attended by myself and Julie and Dave and Fin and Emma... The reason I bring this up is our Julie opining that I only ever talk about nights out and the like, and never that hour of peace and bullshittery that makes work barely acceptable.

Things I don't give a shit about this week:

1) Discarded lottery tickets.
2) Food stamps.
3) El Hadji Diouf.
4) The howling wind outside.
5) Explaining myself. Pah.
6) The music of Mary Black.
7) The fact that this keyboard won't do fadas.

Cheese of the week: Camembert.

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