Monday, February 26, 2007

Genesis were crap, weren't they?

Came up with a good word today - 'romanglements'. They are, in other words, romantic entanglements. The lads at lunch were well impressed.

As a complete aside, may I extend a heartfelt welcome to Jennifer, may her cup always runneth over. Radgery greets you and hopes you enjoy our little fraternity. It's like a cult, though without the creepy leader and chanting.

So here I am as sober as the days are getting longer. Decided last week to kill beer from the diet for the time being. There have been two visits to the pub, with the tally consisting of two Lucozades, one orange juice and two glasses of water.

The first of the two was to see Liverpool beat Barcelona, which pleased me greatly. A high without the hangover.

Otherwise, just checking in. It's Monday night and I've little to be doing.

The week ahead is fixing up nicely. Gonna get reacquainted with Ms Valerie Lynam, it really has been far too long, hopefully see Kenny and Kev on Wednesday, and entertain Denise of a Thursday. A whirlwind week. If I get through this one without liquor I'll expect either a gold star or an Oscar.


Gypseysdog said...

You can stop drinking beer for a while, but it never stops drinking you.

John said...

Is that pre or post Peter Gabriel phase? Also, I defy you to find a better picture of Phil Collins than this one

Val said...

Here's a lovely word for you
"Antidisestablishmentarian"....and no, I didn't make it up, it is actually a legit word.

And thanks for giving out my full title on the Internet, luckily for you those Secret Service guys are too dumb to be able to use the net, otherwise our evening would have ended quite crap...oh wait...