Monday, February 26, 2007

Genesis were crap, weren't they?

Came up with a good word today - 'romanglements'. They are, in other words, romantic entanglements. The lads at lunch were well impressed.

As a complete aside, may I extend a heartfelt welcome to Jennifer, may her cup always runneth over. Radgery greets you and hopes you enjoy our little fraternity. It's like a cult, though without the creepy leader and chanting.

So here I am as sober as the days are getting longer. Decided last week to kill beer from the diet for the time being. There have been two visits to the pub, with the tally consisting of two Lucozades, one orange juice and two glasses of water.

The first of the two was to see Liverpool beat Barcelona, which pleased me greatly. A high without the hangover.

Otherwise, just checking in. It's Monday night and I've little to be doing.

The week ahead is fixing up nicely. Gonna get reacquainted with Ms Valerie Lynam, it really has been far too long, hopefully see Kenny and Kev on Wednesday, and entertain Denise of a Thursday. A whirlwind week. If I get through this one without liquor I'll expect either a gold star or an Oscar.

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

B for BALLS!

More power to you all, you're still here.

Coming to the end of my time off from work, and I must admit to a tinge of sadness and frustration that I can't spend ALL my days drinking tea and watching re-runs of the West Wing (notice how Josh's hair becomes steadily fairer as the seasons run on apace...)

As for the nights? Well that would be telling. And tell I will...

Hmmm... Going backwards.... Monday and Z-We-Ton (YOU try and pronounce it!) and Sinnotts with Aisling for top notch food and craic... Sunday all day and a mammoth session with Ollie and the Belle (the new newcomer of the year 2006, how could I forget?) and Noel and Johnny Ward and Richie and jaysus but it was merrisome....

Saturday and the Villager with the brothers Skehan after a brief encounter with Emma and Cowzer and Etaoin... Made it home twenty minutes past bedtime (come to think of it Ash I still owe you that drink!)...

Friday I arrived back from Limerick to Pike and Catherine (Johnny's mam) and Kev and Val... This blog is a sea of names, I know... in the apartment to all sorts of chatter and banter. Great to see Kev it was...

Thursday was... Thursday was... I think I'll err on the side of caution on this one...

Wednesday came back from Bantry with the aul fella after our usual, VERY enjoyable couple of days peering out over the mountains and bays of the Beara Peninsula and enjoying beautiful pints of Black Gold in Eileen's... If I had pictures I'd show you but I don't so I can't...

Prior to that, I believe, is when you caught me last, at the start of my holidays and in rare aul form.

Can't say much has changed in that regard. Can't smile wide enough despite TWO impending EPG shifts.


The cheese of the week is Manchego. I'm putting 'Things I Don't Give A Shit About' on hiatus because I'm in no mood for negativity.

Post scriptum: Speaking of holidays, a hearty welcome home to Faela from the Champs Elysees, and au revoir as she jets to England in the morning. Ryanair never had it so good. A stick of rock on your return, please!

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Way past bedtime...

Sweet divine mother of all that is holy in the world of St Columbanus of the Cross Of Cush.


Yep it's old Radgery up to his tricks, the dirty sly dog running through the events and tumult of his life for you, my pretties.

Bantry is still in one piece. Took a trip there with the aul lad over the last day or two, and a fine time was reported by all. Or, well, both. Did the usual boozing and driving over mountains and admiring the unsullied parts of Ireland, before we packed up and came back to Limerick.

Limerick. A hole, mainly.

What else? Mention must go to our brilliant work lunches, normally attended by myself and Julie and Dave and Fin and Emma... The reason I bring this up is our Julie opining that I only ever talk about nights out and the like, and never that hour of peace and bullshittery that makes work barely acceptable.

Things I don't give a shit about this week:

1) Discarded lottery tickets.
2) Food stamps.
3) El Hadji Diouf.
4) The howling wind outside.
5) Explaining myself. Pah.
6) The music of Mary Black.
7) The fact that this keyboard won't do fadas.

Cheese of the week: Camembert.

Monday, February 05, 2007

Made you look!

What's your favourite song? It's one of those questions you generally ask the lads when you're 15, before you sneak up the lane at the back of the garden for an illicit smoke or something, but I'm curious...

For me it remains City Middle by The National, the most transporting of songs about the dreaded draw of relationships and what not. Supreme music, and to see them perform it live remains a pivotal musical moment in the life of old Radge.

Speaking of the man himself, me, I'm in tip top form. Closing in on my time off and can't smile wide enough. It's a good way to be.

Thursday, February 01, 2007

Lost in Swords.

I just emailed Cowzer and said a blog is long overdue, so I feel duty bound to perform for you, my adoring little minions...

First of all, let me inform the world that the Eagles are recording a new album. There's no need for that. I fuckin hate the Eagles, maaaan...

Anyway, sat here on my day off watching Scrubs and wondering what the bedevil to do with myself for the afternoon. Chances are I'll sit watching the same news reports on Sky Sports News until I head townwards to meet Ms Denise of Farrell for food and an inevitable pint in Neary's... Twas always thus, and always thus shall hopefully be...

It has been a time chockful of boozing and working and looking forward to my upcoming two weeks off. Bound for Bantry with the aul fella on Monday, there's no better place to restore me to rights, seafront views and country surrounds and all that nonsense. It's like Withnail And I without the sodomising uncle and central heating. Beautiful.

Much of my life of late is unbloggable and troublesome. Lots of tos and fros, craziness on an unwholesome scale. 20o7 has already shaped up to beat 2006 comprehensively in terms of upheaval and possibility. January, for me, has been anything but dull.

Deliberate vagueness aside, on the insistence of Richie I'm bringing back things I don't give a shit about this week...

1) Gin.
2) Tonic.
3) Broken washing machines and showers and cold, nay, ARCTIC bedrooms.
4) Owning my own property. In my own time!
5) Matching socks.
6) Condescending ticket inspectors.
7) The fact that I can't find my watch.
8) Cheers. Prefer Frasier.
9) The service in Pacino's.
10) Guffawing suits.

Cheese of the week: Red Leicester.