Sunday, November 26, 2006

Let's get disgraceful. Let's.

Here, 5X is at it again.

What? Blogging, of course. If you don't know the link by now, you're not important enough. He's raised the bar to another level with a 'day in the life' expose of Parisien existence. The inveterate bastard.

Let me just say that his cup of Earl Grey runneth over. Not long now until he's thrust back into this ugly little quagmire of a country for the Christmas break, however. I forecast the following conversation:

"My life is great Cuddihy. Everything has fallen into place. EVERYTHING Cuddihy!"

"Shut up and drink your pint. You swan in here with your Gallic flair and your monocle and you expect me to be gracious. Bollocks to that. My life's a mess.

"But it's good to see you."

Then we'll probably crack our holes laughing and he'll be arch and I'll make plans and actually get it done this time.

I'm in the form for getting it done, you see. Everything to do with the fact that tomorrow night will see my first night Chez Forbes Quay, my new dwelling located 13 short minutes down the water from Setanta Central. Oh mercy yes, no more buses and aul lads spluttering 'bread and dripping' on the back of my next.

I spy happier times.

All I need now is somewhere to buy coffee in the morning and presto!

Otherwise, it's full steam ahead for the birthday. I spy the usual japes, drunkenments and wandering hands by candle light. These are disgraceful times, they really are.

What else? Casino Royale is good. Not great, but good. Worth the fee.

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