Friday, October 20, 2006

A to Z of stuff I like...

Foreword: I'm putting up my A to Z of things I like with the express permission of Juliannus Mirabilis. This list initially appeared in email form to herself last night, as I was trying to make up for a series of banal responses in the face of her own excellent efforts (were she still to update she could blog said meisterwerks!!!!)...

Anyway, on with it...

A = 'Alligator'. By The National. Best album ever bought, containing such classics as 'City Middle' and 'Daughters Of The Soho Riots.' Ask Dave. He'll confirm.

B = Beer. Need I elaborate? Current favourite is Spaten Munchen Booooy!, as they call it in Waterford (well, Johnny doing a Waterford accent, anyway).

C = Cinema. Favourite extra-curricular activity, save for pub-going-to (see 'S')

D = Dingle. Arse to Fungi, ignore the foreign tourists (as opposed to those from other parts of Ireland) and you'll find many, MANY delights within. Especially O'Flahertys.

E = Endgame, the REM instrumental from the 'Out Of Time' album, is very beautiful. Endgame, the Beckett play I had to sit through a few months ago, is bollocks. Sorry Fennell. And Gersende.

F = Fish. Great brain food, and so very tasty. Whether it's fresh sole or in sushi form, it's the best of the food stuffs. Along with cheese. Don't like plaice though.

G = Germany. Or Heidelberg to be more precise, as it's the only part of Germany I've properly seen. The most idyllic city I've been to. And O'Reillys is a Mecca.

H = Heidelberg (see 'G').

I = Ireland. It gets a hard time but it's, eh, y'know, grand. Suppose.

J = Jelly and ice cream. Not just hospital food. Lemon jelly and vanilla, to be more specific.

K = Kisses. You can tell a lot.

L = Liverpool. Stevie. Robbie. Carra. European Cups. FA Cups. Kop. That oh so elusive search for the title. Love it. But it kills me.

M = Music. Just got me through four hours on a bus to Limerick. For which I am grateful.

N = National (The). Gave me 'Alligator' (see 'A'), 'Cherry Tree' and 'Sad Songs For Dirty Lovers.' Phenomenal all.

O = Olives. Recently got into these. Green ones stuffed with feta are the business.

P = Personal hygiene. Wash, rinse and repeat. ALWAYS repeat.

Q = Questions. Quite possibly the most important factor in building a relationship. Says Ronan Clerkin to me once, "Always ask questions. That's the trick." Lad was right.

R = Reindeer Section. Gary Lightbody side-project with members from practically every top Scottish act. Their 'Son Of Evil Reindeer's a classic to my mind.

S = Stags. The snug on a Tuesday afternoon. Cowzer knows. And no, it's not like THAT.

T = Ten (Pearl Jam). Seminal.

U = Undeniable chemistry. When you know, you know. You just do.

V = Veneer. I like the word, and what it signifies. Scratch the surface...

W = Walls (for staring). Had my own staring wall in 32A. I'd turn around and stared at it for, well, minutes! Haven't found a good one since though. Help me find a staring wall.

X = X-Factor (not the programme, but that indescribable thing that draws you to a person). See Undeniable chemistry ('U').

Y = Youth. I've still got it. Not the bawdy recklessness of the 'pre-24' years. More the drunken desperation of the 'pre-mortgage/marriage/babies' years.

Z = Zanzibar (the country, not the pub). I was told something quite disturbing about it recently so it was the first 'Z' to spring to mind.


Gypseysdog said...

You suffered that night at the Gate theatre didn't you? Poor Philistinic lamb.

Radge said...

Yes, I must admit I did.

I tried my best afterwards, but I knew my ashen-faced confusion was fooling neither yourself nor G.

Especially not her.

But ESPECIALLY not you.

Val said...

Zanzibar??? You LIKE Zanzibar???'ll be listing North Dakota next.

At least now I know how you get your kicks... not good.

Elmo_ie said...

"Radgery is by far one of the best things on the internet today. Not only does it show us readers an insight in to one mans descent in to madness, there is also much alcohol."
5/5 Young Boys Monthly.