Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Setanta threatened by banter outbreak

An outbreak of banter threatened to disrupt work at Setanta Media’s new offices on Townsend Street, Dublin, on Wednesday morning.

The opprobrium started when Eoin Toolan made a valiant attempt to change the channel on the all-too-complicated new LG televisions in the corner.

Stand-in GAA correspondent Pat Nolan, sensing mirth, confronted the manically coiffeured Toolan with a healthy disdain known only to Offaly natives and Welsh butchers.

Never one to be out-insulted, Toolan swung back with a jibe about Mr. Nolan’s choice of attire which, again, would only be known to Offaly natives and Welsh butchers.

Cue an outbreak of laughter hitherto unknown to the new building, and which certainly runs contrary to the company’s strict guidelines against all office mirth and spontaneous banter.

It is expected that a full inquiry will be launched, with the two men at the centre of the controversy expected to fulfill ‘lunch run’ duties for a time to be determined by company CEO Frank Cronin.

“I’ve never witnessed such joviality. Next thing they’ll all be standing around the water cooler in the kitchen cracking jokes and drinking semi-skimmed lattes. General hilarity in Setanta Media is very much frowned upon,” frowned Mr. Cronin.

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