Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Make your own minds up

You deserve better from me. Not good enough have I been of late. Just been a bit, y'know, ill thought out on the blogging front.

A thousand worries cloud the mind of radgery. Why are Vodafone such unmitigated bastards? When o when will I be happily shacked up under my own steam? How do I get rid of this poxy cold???

Moan moan and fucking moan.

Still, it's not all grumbles and groans. Liverpool have won a few on the go and I've a few days away from the the uncertain coalface that is Setanta Central, so there's that.

What else? Sorry to Denise on this, but 'A Good Year' is not worthy filmmaking.

Eh, Julie, where the hell are you? Oh yeah, Budapest.

Em, Anne's 30 tomorrow. We'll see it pass drunkenly, no doubt.

Um, are Strepsils just a placebo?

Eek, is that the time?!?

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Terence McDanger said...

Post at weekly intervals he says. Sheesh!