Sunday, August 06, 2006

Sad Songs For Dirty Lovers

The Fear has been prevalent again. That instant regret on waking, that moment you knew you said the wrong thing, that feeling of one pint too far. It is as a result of my unstoppable drinking this past week.

Very briefly, for my own memory if nothing else:

Tuesday – Ollie, Neary’s, Grogan’s, dropped home by the belle.

Wednesday – Austin, Mark Sheehan, MacTurcaills. Relatively quiet.

Thursday – You know yourselves, then Ollie, the belle and Noel in the Villager.

Friday – Hairy Lemon, Nigel, Ollie.

Saturday – Reclined in the back garden in Co. Lucan with lager beer and steak.

Tonight – Meeting Cowzer, who has started a new blog at .

Can't say I’m massively fond of the name, but we’ll let the boy get his kicks as he wishes. He’s writing well if nothing else.

What else? The move to town eludes us yet, but hopefully three or four short weeks and we’ll be in.

What else? Miami Vice isn’t bad. It isn’t great, but it’s not as bad as reported. Check it out for yourselves.

What else? Seven days to the Community Shield, three to Haifa.

I’ll blog properly in the week. I’ve a pub to get to.


Quinner said...

Drinking six nights out of six.....where was the blog detailing your win of the euromillions?

Radge said...

There's 15 million quid lining the pockets of various Dublin city publicans as we speak.

I wouldn't mind but they'll STILL put up the price of a gargle...