Sunday, August 27, 2006

Too many old socks.

My foot hurts. Quite badly. Was transporting a portion of my worldly belongings across Matt Talbot bridge last evening when I fell arse over tit and did my hoof a damage of some sort.

Moving house is no fun, and I've escaped the worst of it. Topmost kudos to Johnny and Aisling for taking my stuff and housing it in Drumcondra, this week saw a festival of packing and binding and breaking and throwing out of stuff. A headwrecker, I've escaped to Limerick city for a few days.

There was drink taken the other night. Hadn't seen the inside of a boozer since Brain Day, so come Friday I was dangerously sober and toying with a clarity of thought that, frankly, I'm not comfortable with.

Ergo headed to Neary's with the brothers Skehan and then on to O'Donoghues of Baggot St. Some lad playing a tin whistle, stouts lowered, left under a drunken cloud of my own making but hopefully the air is clear and bright and breezy once more.

5X is home next weekend, but sadly I'll not set eyes on him as it's a brief Electric interlude for the man and then back to Paris. Which I hear is 'gay' in the true sense of the word.

What else? Cowzer's started up another new blog at, he says he'll stick with it this time. Me, I never saw the point of moving on from Radgery.

So the next couple of weeks will see me alternate between this place and Anne's in Baldoyle. She has a plush little place for herself there so it'll be a few weeks nicely spent. AND we're moving from Prince's St into our new offices in George's Quay. Such upheaval!

One month, though, and I'll be skipping down the Quays to work. No, wait, make that strutting.

Yeah. Strutting.

Friday, August 25, 2006


It's important nobody underestimates how much I despise the 'music' of Brian Kennedy.

Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Radge's second ever post-Brain Day blog

Well that was a dinger.

It's Tuesday now, I'm right as rain (what's so right about rain, though?).

However, I lament the passing of the co-greatest Brain Day ever. What it lacked in the longevity of Brain Day '04, it more than made up for in spunk.

Thanks to all who attended, glad to see that the annual cutting-open-of-my-head festival just gets more and more popular. You're all a pack of like-minded ne'erdowells, and my affection is with you always.

Where was it? Oh yeah, The Stag's Head. Who was it? Oh yeah, myself and the vast majority of my cohorts. What was it? Oh yeah, fucking top notch.

Now I realise that come my 11th or 12th lager beer of the evening I may have become a little, shall we say, cheeky, but I'd ask any transgressee to overlook my busy words on account of the occasion.

And what since? Sunday I woke up with an iresome headache, transparent irony notwithstanding, so I dampened it again with lager beer and Johnny on the couch watching 'Anchorman' (meh, I don't care too much for that whole Vince Vaughn, Ben Stiller, Will Ferrell cosy little coterie) and then Liverpool de-grin Mourinho with a 2-1 win at the Millennium Stadium.

That was nice.

After that, the beering stopped. I fell into a coma and awoke a shadow of a man. A decent night's kip was all that was for it and a day of utmost nothingness yesterday. Upshot? I'm full of beans. You can probably sense the sprightliness in my penmanship.

You can, can't you? O say you can.

I need validation.


Thursday, August 10, 2006

Not sound, lads...

Perhaps time for a proper blog...

How are yis? First of all to address the onenitesue issue once and for all. I'm open to comments being left on the blog, that's a given, but that sort of shit has no place here. I'll ask whoever it is to slink back into the woodwork from whence they came. I have my suspicions but don't wish to point the finger...

Anyway, enough of that.

It's reported that the main UK airports have been closed due to a serious terrorist threat. Lads, that's not sound. You can't be smuggling liquid explosives onto planes, willy nilly...

Elsewhere, I've calmed down my excessive pub going for the last, eh, couple of days anyway. The fiesta of non-stop boozing that is Brain Day is almost upon us, so want to make sure I still have a life to live come Sunday.

Was thinking about tactics (no, Gillian, not THOSE kinds of tactics)...

Plan is to hit the pub early. Emma, Skehan, the belle, Johnny, Cowzer, Noel... I'm guessing they'll be the hardcore drinkists around whom I'll take a couple of early scoops. Then I might relax her down to Lucozade or, day I say it, water, for a couple of hours while the later crowd drifts in.

Or I could just get destroyed.

In other news, off until next Wednesday. I figure by then I'll be back to some level of normalcy. The prospect of going to work straight after a Brain Day is not one I relish.

And what of my poor brain?

Well that's a secondary consideration.

Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Funny humour.

Emma on the time she took out my old wheelchair...

"I remember I took the wheelchair from the workshop one day....daddy was in the front room with a customer and in I wheel....she was all 'oh you poor thing' and daddy was all 'poor what, she can walk fine, Emma get out of that wheelchair!'"

How I laughed.

All hail Ceiling Cat!

Thanks to Billy for this...

Sunday, August 06, 2006

Sad Songs For Dirty Lovers

The Fear has been prevalent again. That instant regret on waking, that moment you knew you said the wrong thing, that feeling of one pint too far. It is as a result of my unstoppable drinking this past week.

Very briefly, for my own memory if nothing else:

Tuesday – Ollie, Neary’s, Grogan’s, dropped home by the belle.

Wednesday – Austin, Mark Sheehan, MacTurcaills. Relatively quiet.

Thursday – You know yourselves, then Ollie, the belle and Noel in the Villager.

Friday – Hairy Lemon, Nigel, Ollie.

Saturday – Reclined in the back garden in Co. Lucan with lager beer and steak.

Tonight – Meeting Cowzer, who has started a new blog at .

Can't say I’m massively fond of the name, but we’ll let the boy get his kicks as he wishes. He’s writing well if nothing else.

What else? The move to town eludes us yet, but hopefully three or four short weeks and we’ll be in.

What else? Miami Vice isn’t bad. It isn’t great, but it’s not as bad as reported. Check it out for yourselves.

What else? Seven days to the Community Shield, three to Haifa.

I’ll blog properly in the week. I’ve a pub to get to.

Friday, August 04, 2006

Brain Day 2006!

Next Saturday lads, the 12th of August. There will be mischief. There will be banter. There will be ale. There will be sick heads on Sunday. Come. Drink. Enjoy yourselves.