Monday, April 10, 2006

I KNOW you drink, but...


Doing a spot of housesitting myself. The folks are taking a Spanish interlude so I said I'd come down and man the phones and keep the place ticking over in Limerick for a couple of days.

They only left half an hour ago and I'm already beside myself with the boredom. All the football sites have been perused, the first cup of tea drunk, the television scanned and there's nothing on, the work email clicked and reclicked. Only thing to do was blog.

I'd great intentions of such inactivity one week ago, come to think of it. Went for a feed of Thai in Tiger Bec's on Dawson Street with Lynn on Monday. Mercy me that grub was good. And cheap. Go for the early bird menu folks, between 6 and 8. Twenty quid for two courses that will fill you up nicely. Top work.

Anyway, it had been my intention that that would be my sole foray outwards for the week, money being painfully tight as it is. O were it so. The very next night I found myself with 5X and Niamho and Davros and Emma and Ann in John Mulligan. Had Wednesday and Thursday off, you see, so I was content to drink and talk and get things wrong.

Friday, and it was the turn of Finbar Brady's unofficial leaving pints in the Long Stone. Went down a treat they did. Something I noticed - you never JUST go for two. Ever. One is possible. Two is not. You develop a taste.

Saturday, and I was positively going straight home after work. Only I wasn't. Met up with Etaoin in Mulligan's again and we liked the way the drink was slipping down, so we went back to Lucan - where we found Kev and his lady love Valerie playing Buzz with Johnny and Pike - for more ale. I have little memory of the night's progression, save for a heated argument on the continued merits of Snow Patrol.

Something for you to mull - does a band or artist's commercial success immediately render them shit? I don't think so. What is so unattractive about mass appeal?

Anyway, that took me to yesterday and work and then the bus down here to the Newtown Road. Think I'm going to raid the DVD press. That's me for the day.

Later in the week sees me at Beckett's 'Endgame' with 5X and Gersende (led me to research absurdism on Wikipedia, not getting caught ignorant on this one), and on Thursday it's out with the work crowd again to properly celebrate Fin's defection.

Cheese of the week: Wensleydale with cranberries.

Other things I like: The new Massive Attack single, Robbie Fowler winners v stubborn opposition, sausage rolls, Extreme Blast Billiards on, wind chimes, our couch in Lucan, fillet steak fajitas, eye contact, petty squabbles, far-away fields.

Things I dislike: Golf, old shoes, penury.

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Quinner said...

Radge, I completely agree with your statement on there being nothing wrong with mass appeal, were The Beatles ever uncoolas a result pf mass appeal? Its the punters who discover the bands that get popular are the bitter ones rendering the said band uncool. Its always the quiet ones you have to watch.