Thursday, March 09, 2006

Blog entry no.96

So there you have it, out of Europe. Shame really, though it was hard to get too worked up about it. Anyone else think that Peter Crouch is a League One journeyman masquerading as a Premiership striker? Meh.

It'll take Robbie to dig us out of this one. We'll still have second in the league and the FA Cup.

It's progress. Of sorts. I'm an optimist.

Anyway, watched it in O'Neills, if you're reading this you were probably there. Special mention goes to the Hungarian barman, surely the worst this blogger has ever come across. How hard is it to understand "two pints of Heineken, please."??? He cut a gormless figure, the goon.

A bit out of practice with this old blogging lark. Was about to head into town to see 'Good Night, And Good Luck' but there was rain in the air and I did an about turn. Decided to go the DVD route. It occurred to me that on my next day off I'll be in Germany. Paddy's day. Bring it on.

You wouldn't catch me dead going out in Dublin on the day in question. As Cowzer puts it: "Too many part time drinkers and kids puking on the street." Bollocks to that. Heidelberg will be a different proposition though. Gonna get brau'd up like I've never brau'd before.

What else? Stony broke is what. I'm heading for financial meltdown. It should curtail my drinking until I hit Dublin Airport with Messrs Murphy and Fitzbollocks tomorrow week.

That is all. Stay beautiful.

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Quinner said...

Try Swedish Food cafe for non english speaking goons - any of the chain - and you will get something similar to what I got a while ago "a carved ham sandwich please", she proceeds to go for the turkey and I said "carved ham please" her response? "I thought you said herbed turkey"........