Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Shomer shabbas!

Friends. Colleagues. Cohorts.

Living in a Fowler wonderland these past few days. Finbar Brady broke the news to me on Friday, and as he uttered the name 'Robert Bernard Fowler' down the phone line from Setanta Central he'll have become aware of the most pregnant silence this side of... well... to be honest I've no idea how to finish that sentence.

Stunning stuff though. I'm predicting six goals between now and the end of the season, and a new contract to follow. Mark it down.

Otherwise, more of the same from me really. Very quiet this last week. Went to Limerick to nurse myself back to myself last week, and took her handy at the weekend. Saw North Country with Julianne on Monday, adequate if unspectacular fare, before joining Messrs Fell and Lowenbrau (Richie and 5X to ye lads) in Grand Central on O'Connell Street.

I'm not one for the shiny pubs, but that's not a bad place at all. Had three fine pints of stout with the boys before making off into the night. It was foggy. And cold. Anyway, if you're heading that way I recommend you pop your head in the door and stay there and relax and get drunk. A fine pub.

What else? Hard to say really. Off again today, I'm pottering around the house to beat the band. All I'm thinking of now is tea and the football tonight. Oh. And Germany. Corporal Kenny's having myself and Johnny over in March for Paddy's Day. Y'know yourselves, multiple destroyedness will be at hand.

Heidelberg eh? Yeah I'll be having that. Apparently, the proprietress in O'Reillys will open up for us especially at 12 noon, feed us and then let the general public in around 3 bells. I predict stoic and fervent consumption of ales German, Czech and whiskey Scotch. Bury me near make-out creek.

What else? Julie will agree with me on this point - what's with The View? John Kelly's arts review show. Such utter, UTTER pretentious arse-wipes. "I was jost waishing for something to hoppen and then, y'know, the film jost loike peters out. Also I found the comera work to be both benoigne and roodimentary. I expect sooo moch besher from a director (no, wait) FILMMAKER of his standing."

"Yah. Yah. Couldn't agree more. Yah."

I've no problem with Kelly himself, you understand, but who are these people?


Quinner said...

I agree. The problem these days in New Ireland is that there aren't actually enough talented famous people, so they draft in people who once went to a premier of something crap ten years ago.

I say focus on the arts and leave these view panelists at home who are too busy voicing their opinions to stop and realise that they are not opnion formers because their opinions are worthless.

That wasn't suppose to be as harmless as it sounded but you get the jist.

Elmo_ie said...

I remember seeing the lesbian one with the glasses around UCD, think she was a tutor or phd student or something, but not a lecturer - I love your synopsis of how they speak, very true.

Ju said...

The View - a reminder NEVER to pay your license fee...