Saturday, February 11, 2006

Indecision (Hi Mrs Greaney!)

My oh my. It's a cold one.

Not much to write home about, really. Taking it to the min this week after a mammoth five-day-in-a-rower over last weekend. What pubs? Sugar Club - O'Reillys - The Globe - The Villager - The Hut - Foggy Dew. None of my usual haunts in there. Yeah it was all good. No silliness.

Half tempted towards the boozer tonight, as I veered away from Limerick at the last minute and stayed in The Pale. Then again no. Place to myself. Washing to be done. Cat to be fed. How gay am I?

Then again...

No! Must be strong. Though the lads ARE in the Stags... Maybe just for one... NO!!! Keep it indoors.

Then again...

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