Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Happy birthday Davros...

Sterlingfields hits 26 today. Quite the feat for a man with Guinness where the blood should be. Am I wrong? Hardly.

He's taking the Radge approach and celebrating it maxfully. Friday was the big one, as we MacTurcailled it to the nines. Actually, can't say 'we' exactly as I took it reasonably handy, skulking back to Foxborough shortly after midnight with scarcely four pints to my name.

Still, the headlines the next day of 'Dave's party enjoyed by ALL' hardly tell a lie. He's hitting the Palace later, bless him, but I miss out due to a dinger of an illness that sees me confined to home. Ah well. These are the breaks. I'm in high spirits despite the fact that the physical act of eating food is beyond me currently.

And what else? That was a gas weekend just gone, so it was. Saturday took myself and Ollie and Julianne and Colleen and Shane and Regina to The Chameleon in Temple Bar. The headlines of 'Meal enjoyed by all' hardly tell a lie. It's a becushioned bazaar of a brilliant eaterie, and the food!! A stellar performance.

Afterwards we ventured to Richard Roche in Thomas Reads, and the headlines of... OK, you get the picture. Enjoyable fare.

Now you would have thought that Sunday would have been some serious min, what with the high booze intake of the previous two nights. Not at all.

Says I to 5X leaving work "you walking towards town or going home."

Says he back "nah, I'm off to the Long Stone with you and Roche."

"Oh right," says I, and seven pints later (watched the end of the snooker in Doyles with Skehan and Noel) I hit the leaba.

FINALLY managed to head home last night gargle-less, in the bed and everything by ten bells, looking forward to what Tuesday may bring when BAM!! - a bastard in the throat and stomach. I initially figured it was strep, but I don't have the exact symptoms. Either way, I'm disease ridden as I type, hoping and praying it'll be short lived.

What else? Pissed off that United beat us, but what you gonna do? We were probably due some ill will from the Gods after months of supremacy.

Heading to Limerick tomorrow, gonna take her handy for the foreseeable while I return to rude health. There's only so much revelry one Radge can take.


Quinner said...

Dr Quinn, Medicine Woman says:

Remember your vitamins and you won't get sick. You will find these in cocktails and anything with cranberry. Five portions a day.

Gypseysdog said...

Sore throat? You're a fag. That's a nonsense illness. I have sore throats every so often and laugh them off. HAHAAHAA! I say to them. Then back to normal I am.

Radge said...

Hard to argue with that, but at least I keep my blog up to date. There. I said it.