Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Salute to Harold Pinter



I'm back with you. Just been on Cowzer's blog and he says he's quitting international blogging to concentrate on his club career. Of course, I can't accept a retirement. There's too much juice in the man's blogging loins for that. Denied.

As for 5X, well over a month since HIS last entry. The world at large, I feel, needs to know more about his latest tussles with the tiger, the yoga mat and that mysterious orange liquid he's resorted to after just two pints. That's right people. 5X is hitting the Tropicana heavy, and is looking all the healthier of hue for it.

What else? Had my first pints in the Bachelor Inn the other night. It reminded me of Clarkes in Glasnevin when it was still Clarkes. The lads from home will recall. Used to serve 14-year-olds did old Jim Clarke, until he was bought out and they got the late license and a classier class of clientele. Had to go to Fibbers for my libations then.

Ah Fibbers. It was the era of Soundgarden and Superunknown and what not. Ah Fibbers. And McGraths. And Quinns in Drumcondra. All housed me in my youth.

But enough of that. Was in the Bachelor with the aul lad and his mates Dave and Harry and Barry and Des and Vinny. Skehan was with me. The older gents waxed on about old haunts like Bartley Dunne's and Rice's and God knows where. Fascinating to listen to. Got the impression that my Da's mates had some right rum tales about the man, but they weren't for my ears.

Anyway, they all went off to get fed and myself and Skehan went to the Palace. Couple of jars there and it was back to mine with Johnny and more ale. Then myself and Skehan toiled away in Neary's and Kehoe's all day Tuesday, just like the old college days - especially when his ex Vanessa showed up. Left them to it around six and came back out home to watch the fitba.

Today's been all about nothing. Sitting on my arse watching Primary Colors on DVD and crap TV subsequently. In a short while we have United and Benfica. Could be a cracker.

Anyway, that's enough from me. Feel like I've rambled on long enough. Next week a Christmas Party in Galway and genuine rambunctiousness.

More of which anon.


Quinner said...

As always Tones, such eloquent words to disguise what can only be described as a good week spent balloobas.

The Collector said...

Clarkes has a better class of clientele. Bullshit. It's just an older class.

Still better than culchie McGowans

dankgirl said...

de bit he left out was dat he picked me up in de bar, told his da he'd see him later & den brought me te Lucan where he gave me a good rodgering - yeah ye got dat? & dere was me tinkin dat he was inte radgering! no, not our Anto! he's inte rodgering...& den I'd te go inte school & Sharon & Denise were f-ing asking me why de hell I couldn't sit still...why de f de ye think girls? cos your man, de great rodgerer went & picked me up in front of his da...