Monday, December 26, 2005

Better the Radge you know...

Stephens Day, down in Limerick. Supposed to be Thurles bound, but a whoresome throat infection coupled with Skehan's own ailment has put paid to that.

Anyway, it's time for the Radgery honours list. Don't even think I did one of these last year.

Expect it to be ramshackle.

Departures of the year:
1. Skehan around the world. He managed it in three months. Phileas Fogg did it in 80 days. Skehan drank more though. And caroused by all accounts. Nearly fell in love too, despite my warnings.
2. Me to Heidelberg. Oh sweet divine but that was a hell of a weekend. Myself, Kev and Johnny over to Corporal Kenny. To be repeated in March, all going well.
3. Salif Diao to Portsmouth.
4. The boy Raf to London. No doubt he'll be disappointed to come behind Salif Diao in the departure stakes. He'll have to get over it. Numpty!
5. Julianne to Oz. And New York. And Amsterdam. There's tinker blood in her!

Arrivals of the year:

1. Got to say the year was divided up into pre-Davros and post-Davros. That's right, the boy Maher returned from Australia in June and things have seldom been sober since.
2. The bould Ann and the even boulder Emma Q (as she is in my phone) to the floor that is the third in Broadcasting House. Many, MANY cries of "come on, we'll just go for the ONE!"...
3. Pepe Reina.
4. Fernando Morientes.
5. Bolo Zenden (crocked or not).
6. The animal, as I will no doubt rename him. Figure that one out Cowzer, shouldn't take much.

Disappointments of the year:

1. The Setanta Christmas party. Faultless organisation, but too much politics. I won't elaborate.
2. The last three days of Lanzarote. Beware the Cuddihy clan, or certain members thereof! Nah, great holiday, just people stepping on toes at close quarters. To be expected.
3. The first half in Istanbul, May 25th.
4. The 25A bus stop on Wellington Quay. THAT night. See earlier blog 'The One Where Radge Thought "Fuck It!"...

Nights out of the year:

1. Radge Lash 2005. A good one, and didn't get crap. Long Stone. Shots. Still. Didn't get crap. The right lads.
2. Raf's leaving drinks (nice hat). Long Stone.
3. Dave returns. Eh. Long Stone again.
4. Random visits to Nearys, The Stag's Head, John Mulligan, Doyles, Grogans, Doran's, Kehoe's of course and as ever, Ryans and The Villager. Oh, and how could I forget The Palace Bar.

Sexual exploits of the year:

(The administrator has deemed this content too lewd and/or lascivious to post. Either that, or Radge has had a pretty quiet year in the veni vidi vici stakes and has nothing to say on the subject).

Year highlights:

1. The second half, extra time and penalties, Istanbul's Ataturk Stadium, May 25th.
2. Dave's return from out foreign.
3. Been a great year for meeting new people and befriending same.
4. Getting drunk of an afternoon recently in Nearys and Kehoes. It was a Tuesday, random as you like. Brought me back to myself and kicked off six weeks of revelry (ongoing at time of writing).
5. Seven game winning streak in Premiership, no goals conceded at time of writing. Fingers crossed we'll kill the Toon in, oh, 39 minutes.


1. The whole Manu Chao thing. Palace Bar. Trying to be Jools Holland. Fucked up.
2. Four pints. MacTurcaills. First week of December. There they were, in my hands - gone!
3. The aftermath of Wednesday night just gone. I fucked up again. Not saying how or who with. All's calm again.
4. Sick on Paddy's week.
5. Vodafone shenanigans.

So that's your lot, Happy New Year. Keep your heads about ye. Normal blogging service has been resumed.

He signs off,



Gypseysdog said...

Who was that? Where?

Radge said...

I'll not tell.

In other news, it's eight games now. Sweet.

Quinner said...

Well thought out and well structured, I shall subscribe for next year as a result.

Ju said...

Why am I only Number 5 in the Departure stakes? Surely I deserve to at least get above that soccer player (and I'm assuming it's a soccer player)?

Radge said...

It was a bravado thing. In truth I was a broken man, but didn't want to let on that your absence affected me too much.

Or something.

And it's football, not soccer!

Ju said...

soccer not football. Football is a different sport entirely.