Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Come fly with me...

"We're gonna move to Nashville, and we'll make a career
Out of writing sad songs and getting paid by the tear."

Silver Jews 'Tennessee', Bright Flight, 2001.

The boys are releasing their new album in October. The 18th to be specific. Eagerly awaited. Top lyricist that David Berman lad.

What news? Fucque all now to be honest. A quiet weekend bookended by pints in the Long Stone and Doyle's with Raf and Dave on Thursday and pints in the Long Stone and Doyle's with Raf and Dave on Sunday. Last night was good craic, was journeying home when the bould Denise Farrell intervened and next thing it was pints being lowered and plentiful merry being made.

Apologies to 5X at this point for my abrupt and effete departure, flouncing away like a dandy as I did...

I'm on for a week long session now, interrupted only fleetingly by Setanta and its Media. I'll chance getting the lads together tonight and we'll take it to the mid. Tomorrow night? A dinner date no less. Wednesday? Liverpool. Thursday? The bould Ms Greene. Friday? Just tell me where to be. Saturday? Joseph's return from out foreign.

I'm on a mission to see Dublin renamed as Nothingtown. Discuss.

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