Saturday, July 23, 2005

5X on The Godfather

The Godfather.

This movie is so gay! I was completely bored all the way thru. WTF was up with the way that fat gansta talked? You could hardly understand him, and what relevance to the plot did he have anyway? The Michael character was stupid too. You couldn't emphatise with him. He has no morals, but sometimes he does. That's inconsistent characterisation. The pace and direction are all wrong in this movie. And the CGI was terrible, you could SO tell that it wasn't really New York in the background. And who was the Godfather anyway? How could God have a Father He IS the father. It's ridiculous.
The Director clearly used too many broad brushstrokes. The film is an inchoherent mess. And what was with Colin Farrell's dyed-blonde hair OMG!!!

0 out 10.

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