Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Big Bother

Big Brother's back.

What's the story with the gays? At my last count there were three straight lads in there - all caveman-esque with ne'er a brain cell betwixt them and the collective attention spans of a half-eaten doughnut - two heterosexual females and a flooter of gays, trannies, lesbians and freaks.

Is this representative of society? No. It isn't. It's merely fodder for those that, as 5X has just put it to me, "crave stupidity."

Here, try this. Instead of 'turning your brain off' in the evening, kill your television. Have a conversation. Ask the person with whom you talk to name five places they've never been to that they'd like to go to. Let it build from there. Discuss books, cinema, music, clothes, idiots, politicians, who you'd like to kill with impunity, dog leashes, pubs, food. Get drunk. Go out on a schoolnight. Break stuff. Put yourself in an impossible situation and then try to talk your way out of it.

Just leave the freaks in Big Brother to it. They'll eventually have to cancel it. If you're addicted, ask yourself: "What does it add to my life?"

Same goes for Celebrity Love Island. It can only be a desert island if the viewing public actually deserts them. Sacks.

(I know I'm preachy today. If you don't like it do one).

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Gypseysdog said...

I just realised. My blog today is an offshoot of yours. And yours was based on my musings a while back. The circle is complete!