Wednesday, March 23, 2005

Put it away Igor...

Scant are my tales to tell.

Was in a bad way last week, right through the weekend in a jock with the spluttering, the sneezing and the what not...Over it now, restored to the fittest of health and taking it handy in Co. Lucan on a day off. You can't go wrong.

I think it was the resurrection of Monday night pints that saved me. Raf, Fennell and myself hit the Long Stone for a few sociables and some banter. As sessions go, it was only dipping toes in the water but it was sorely needed. Those barmaids are ganting on it too, just you wait and see...

Expect to see me in Crawdaddy of a Thursday evening lending my ear to Factro, Bill's band, and then hitting the homestead again of a Friday. What's Good about it though? Ne'er a lick of liquor to be got...

Johnny just sent me on a still of Igor Biscan's member snapped during last weekend's Merseyside derby. Really didn't need to see that. However, Igor's a bit of a legend, no? It used to be that his name would be uttered with the trepidation of a Smicer or Traore. NO MORE! The Croatian Platini is all of a sudden a galloping delight of a playmaker, with inch perfect passes and aggression to match.

When Hamann inevitably fucks off in the summer we have the perfect foil for Stevie's replacement!


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