Saturday, February 12, 2005

My declaration.

Spent a VERY uncomfortable night....Scratch that....Not getting into it, save to say Thursday was spent in the most exquisite pain. Infected kidneys are the affliction of the Devil himself.

Otherwise, things are looking up. It's gonna be a quiet weekend in an otherwise unoccupied house watching Johnny '24' on DVD. Third series.

Well, that's the plan, but don't be surprised if tall tales of drunken chicanery are widespread come Monday. I'm a feeble man who makes plans in order to break them.

Got plenty of new music to track down. The first and second M83 albums, Jeffrey Foucault, Josh Rouse. Keeping me busy and broke.

What became of me recently? Limerick at the weekend, up drinking whiskey until the small hours on Saturday...Back to Lucan Sunday...Nought Monday...Julianne's for pancakes on Tuesday (nice with the aul Nutella)...Watched match at home Wednesday followed by said night of hell...Thursday? Recovery and tonight brings shopping and...

We'll see.

Next weekend I'm after a dinger. All modesty and temperance shall be shot to shit as I rampage through my own gullet with sweetest lady liquor. Do come.

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