Thursday, February 03, 2005

Hey, are you awake? Yeah I'm right here...

Well Holy God, 'tis yourselves.

Sorry about yesterday's non-blog, it was a jape against Cowzer that I've duly deleted. He insisted that I blog so I blogged saying I was too busy to blog.

See. Hilarious.

My head reels, there are seventeen thoughts jostling for pole position in my skull. It's been a hell of a busy week, early mornings, late nights, stresses, strains and near strangulations. I'm Limericking it this weekend, and excuse me this but good golly gosh if I don't need a bit of kip. 6.30am starts all week for various reasons and tasks.

I've taken on two new CDs. The National's 'Cherry Tree' is a beguiling treasure, Sun Kil Moon's 'Ghosts Of The Great Highway' less so. Is it just me, or do the vocals of Mark Kozelek tend to grate on, ooooh, I dunno, the third listen? You don't know who Mark Kozelek is?

Fuck ya.

If anybody has any suggestions for a box social of some sort, send them my way. I'm all up for a 'scotch night,' with the principle that everybody gets drunk on Scotch Whiskey neat.

Nah, you're right, leaning towards tumult that.

What I'd really like is...

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