Wednesday, February 23, 2005

Top fives...


Hi ho, hi ho, it's off to cludge we go...

What's the story folks? You catch me in mean spirits, I feel so good that I even believe Liverpool can progress in the League of Champions. We'll take on all these comers and put the Germanic hordes to the sword. Even Gerrard-less...

Here are my top five 'top fives'...

5. Top five terms of abuse.
4. Top five top fives.
3. Top five films with 'Z' in the last word of the title.
2. Top five songs to be played at one's funeral (cheers Raf, good one).
1. Top five Liverpool players.

Regarding number (1): John Aldridge, Steve Staunton, Sami Hyypia, Steven Gerrard and Robbie Fowler.

Now, go forth and about your business.

Saturday, February 19, 2005

I want to sleep with Natalie Portman

Oh mercy mercy me.

Come on lads, bring back the prolific bloggery. Hopefully if I set the pace the others will fall into line. I was disgusted to find the 5X's last blog was the excellent 'Hi Mum' from many moons hence. As for Cowzer, copying and pasting the lyrics from some cheesy 80s hit does not an interesting entry make. Correct me if I'm wrong.


I've fallen out of the comfort zone that was January. How so? By getting destroyed. Went for a friendly 'one' in Sheehans last night and I really 'shouldda known better, than to lie...' (fuck ya Cowzer!).

We made most merry, Skehan was bang on form, and it was good to catch up with Ronan and Kev. Our ranks were swelled by the right honourable Julianne, but her housemates were displeased that she had favoured rat-arsedness over the EastEnders hour-long special, so she had to leg it...Shame...

In a gin and tonic sky, gin and tonic skyyyyy...

And my arm is still a-hurtin from falling over a "bike tied to a lamppost" on Wednesday night on Pearse Street. We were bringing back the midweek pints, and it worked out nicely.

To speak plainly, I feel like myself again. I wasn't built for bed at 9.30 in the pm. That shit's not good for the soul.

So, here I am, up and about before 10 bells of a Saturday morning. That seems odd to me, given last night's chicanery... Later I'm off to see 'The Woodsman' with Kev in the IFI. It will be my first time seeing a film there. It's after getting good reviews, but I'm not sure watching films about a reformed paedophile will go down to well on my ale-washed stomach. Still. It's free, so...

On the purchases front, bought Josh Rouse's 'Nashville' in the week. To sum up, it's bollox. So your marriage has ended - bring that shit to therapy Rouse! I also saw the magnificent Garden State last week. This is a great film, if you don't fall in love with Natalie Portman off the bat you're a travesty of a human being and get out of my sight.

It's out in a couple of weeks, doubtless I'll take it in again...

So that's me. As I said, there's gonna be a whole lot of bloggin' goin on...

Saturday, February 12, 2005

My declaration.

Spent a VERY uncomfortable night....Scratch that....Not getting into it, save to say Thursday was spent in the most exquisite pain. Infected kidneys are the affliction of the Devil himself.

Otherwise, things are looking up. It's gonna be a quiet weekend in an otherwise unoccupied house watching Johnny '24' on DVD. Third series.

Well, that's the plan, but don't be surprised if tall tales of drunken chicanery are widespread come Monday. I'm a feeble man who makes plans in order to break them.

Got plenty of new music to track down. The first and second M83 albums, Jeffrey Foucault, Josh Rouse. Keeping me busy and broke.

What became of me recently? Limerick at the weekend, up drinking whiskey until the small hours on Saturday...Back to Lucan Sunday...Nought Monday...Julianne's for pancakes on Tuesday (nice with the aul Nutella)...Watched match at home Wednesday followed by said night of hell...Thursday? Recovery and tonight brings shopping and...

We'll see.

Next weekend I'm after a dinger. All modesty and temperance shall be shot to shit as I rampage through my own gullet with sweetest lady liquor. Do come.

Tuesday, February 08, 2005

Call me Paul. Hey Paul.

Did you know that the actor Paul Giamatti (Sideways) played a human in charge of talking orangutans in Doctor Doolittle, while he played a talking orangutan in charge of humans in Planet Of The Apes?

Now, if that's not the best piece of movie trivia you've ever heard, I don't know what is...

Go on then, better me if you think you're smart enough!

I'll check back in with stories from my life and such at a later date. Probably tomorrow, given time and space to gather my thoughts...

Thursday, February 03, 2005

Hey, are you awake? Yeah I'm right here...

Well Holy God, 'tis yourselves.

Sorry about yesterday's non-blog, it was a jape against Cowzer that I've duly deleted. He insisted that I blog so I blogged saying I was too busy to blog.

See. Hilarious.

My head reels, there are seventeen thoughts jostling for pole position in my skull. It's been a hell of a busy week, early mornings, late nights, stresses, strains and near strangulations. I'm Limericking it this weekend, and excuse me this but good golly gosh if I don't need a bit of kip. 6.30am starts all week for various reasons and tasks.

I've taken on two new CDs. The National's 'Cherry Tree' is a beguiling treasure, Sun Kil Moon's 'Ghosts Of The Great Highway' less so. Is it just me, or do the vocals of Mark Kozelek tend to grate on, ooooh, I dunno, the third listen? You don't know who Mark Kozelek is?

Fuck ya.

If anybody has any suggestions for a box social of some sort, send them my way. I'm all up for a 'scotch night,' with the principle that everybody gets drunk on Scotch Whiskey neat.

Nah, you're right, leaning towards tumult that.

What I'd really like is...