Monday, January 10, 2005

They've broken the Kop...

I don't think much of the latest FA Cup draw, which pits us against the mighty AFC Bournemouth if we can triumph over Burnley. Of course, it's now primed for one of these lads to do us up the arse before they themselves are shot down by Yeovil in the Fifth Round.

Supporting Liverpool isn't easy.

Throughout the last week or so, I've been looking forward to a seeing the papers and the football websites, hoping we've finally taken on either Morientes or Anelka. What do I get today? We're linked with Darren Huckerby.

Darren fucking Huckerby.

This boy couldn't get his game in successive Coventry, Leeds and Manchester City teams. Is this how far we've fallen??? Damn you Gerard Houllier, damn you David Moores. You've broken Liverpool.

OK, I'm overreacting. There's no way they'd even think about the likes of Huckerby, a third rate, overweight David Connolly-alike. But it says a lot that it's even conceivable to some bored hack in the office.

Away from transfew windows and unrealised potential, I've very belatedly fallen for the last Pearl Jam studio album, 'Riot Act.' Really close listening delivers subtlety and a darker tone than they've managed in the past. Trousers has a point, 'You Are' is a hidden gem. 'Bushleaguer' is bollocks though.

They're a band, no, THE band of my youth, thrown away in the last couple of years for more sophisticated sounds. Fuck it though, you always go back to the ones you love. I'm also having Nick Cave's 'The Lyre Of Orpheus,' if not so much 'Abattoir Blues.'

In news of my life, I'm broke. Off to Limerick this weekend and hoping to keep out of the spotlight. I'll make my temporary exit from public life at the Olympia on Thursday. Paying to go and see 'Alone It Stands,' which I could have seen for free last week.

Life's a lot like that lately.


The Collector said...

Indeed supporting Liverpool is difficult but it could be worse. I don't fear things getting worse like Everton fans.

Darren Huckerby is the funniest link I've heard since Graham Taylor being mooted to replace Graeme Souness.

Pearl Jam. Heard Eddie Vedder doing 'You've got to hide your love away' on the radio this morning. Not as good as other covers.

Your always broke.

Radge said...

'Your always broke.' I give up.

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