Sunday, January 23, 2005

'Jesus Christ Cuddihy'

The towel is in my grasp and I may as well throw it down. If Blog Wars was anything but a fleeting pub semi-concept followed by inertia absolute, I'd have been KO'd by 5X's latest entry at (sorry lads and ladies, should've caught it while it was flyin') ... That would've been the end of old Radge.

If King Lear, Game Cubes and marionettes are your thing (as they are mine) then this is the blog to beat all blogs. May his swell never run dry, may his cup always overflow, cos when he's empty-headed the results are treeeeemendous.

Enough sycophantasisation.

I'm in Limerick, tending to the broken ship that is the Cuddihy-Devane clan. I won't go into it, save that my head is melted and not in the good way. Families ha? Dublin has never seemed so sane.

And then there's Dublin. Had to get me out of there and all, that land of confusion and tumult. I'm being deliberately non-specific here. All I can offer is that discretion has been the mother of fuck-up after fuck-up lately. Depressing you yet?

Still, it's a time to look forward. Hopefully getting paid this week and Sober Janaury will soon morph into a frenetic February. I've let the side down on the gargling front, tightening my belt and clearing the head you see. Now, all that's clear is that being foggy of skull and dizzied with the drink is clearly the way forward, you clear on that?

Someone get me bolloxed.

As for Liverpool, 5X said it all in a text message after we got rogered by Southampton: Jesus Christ Cuddihy.


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Gypseysdog said...

Liverpool's schooling by the Saints.
It felt like watching Fidel trip. You know you should cheer their misfortune but feel more pity towards a once proud foe brought so low.