Monday, December 20, 2004

Man gets hit by football


I'm over the cold, a sniffly hoor of an affair with a daggered throat to boot. Deeply unpleasant, glad to get it out of the way in time for Christmas.

Didn't let it spoil my enjoyment of the Setanta Party though, mercy no. Have to hand it to the company, they had us well oiled. Champagne getting on the train (which had couches and balloons aplenty), free hooch all the way, dinner and then breakfast the next morning.

The person I found funniest was 5X, who literally collapsed giggling when he saw the opulence of the room we were sharing. Classic. He was rolling around the ground like a man who'd been hit by a football.

In the groin.

I've kept it going in the meantime. Thursday was early to bed, while Friday took myself and Julianne and John to Billy's gig in Toner's as part of the Ballroom Of Romance. What the show lacked in lust it made up for in the thump jingle thump of Bill's drumming and Patrick's cultured delivery. It was a fucking class show by the Factro boys.

The weekend just passed was blurry. Saturday morning took myself, Johnny and Pike shopping for grub, then to the Off Licence where we bought beer and drank that beer on the couch all weekend. It didn't stop for a jot.

Superb. You've got to love the aul Christmas. Kenny's back from Germania tomorrow, staying in ours, so it'll be Limerick before rest is offered to me. I don't mind really, I'm up for it.

To Denise and Maire and Gill and Julie, cheers for the Christmas cards, I know I said I'd reciprocate but I'm too lazy and haven't even done my Christmas shopping. Sorry ladies. Ye'll soon be over it though.


The Collector said...

Au contraire. I saw you drink a cup of tea/coffee on Saturday.

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