Tuesday, December 07, 2004

Concern for a life partner

5X just showed me his scarred foot from the latest clash with the 'sadist gamine'. He can't be having that. Says I to him, "honest to God." He may need rode, but he needs shot twice as fast. There.

Not in the fit of me health myself, the stomach's constantly in knots and I'm having weird chest sensations. To the doctor with me, I'm sure it's just a dose of hypocrisy. Note to Cowzer - might go beerless for tomorrow night's game. This week calls for some serious min. Try to understand.

The weekend just gone was a dinger. Friday in The Duke was the most restrained birthday in memory, but merry was still made (and how! Very). Kudos to Mark Doyle and his name dropping skit, I'm having that. "Here, here, I know Brian Kerr. Honestly, Brian and I go way back." "How do you know him?" "Well I've never actually MET him as such..."

We've all met one of those boys. Classic.

On to The Village then and...well...if you're reading this you were probably there at some point in proceedings.

Took her easy on Saturday, tore through the Liffey Valley throng and that was all I could manage...

Sunday was the long-planned 'Goodbye To The Villager,' the finest boozer there is (in Chapelizod). The usual where Skehan's concerned, stout and strong whiskey. Somehow ended up in Lucan Village, got the wrong bus on purpose to prolong the session, so we visited Courtney's before Johnny picked us up, aled us some more and sent us to our respective slumbers.

A lorra laughs, head was fucked on Monday but. Anyway, this week will be min. Definitely.

Though all offers will be considered.


Gypseysdog said...

What's a 'gambine'?
Do you mean gamine? A girl or woman of impish appeal.
Who got there hole and such at your party? Do tell...

Radge said...

I think I do mean gamine. I'll change it. RE: My party? Not me, anyway.