Friday, December 31, 2004


It's a headache is all it is, a headache. New Year's Eve, that most overrated of evenings, the perennial anti-climax.

I never build it up, last year I stayed at home in Limerick with the folks and tomorrow night it's County Lucan and a few cans for me. Nought mad. I won't have it. Too damned expensive and shit. Fuck it, I'm not in any humour for bloggery, NO humour at all.

I'm going home to take the weight off the ground. Proper entry anon.


Monday, December 20, 2004

Man gets hit by football


I'm over the cold, a sniffly hoor of an affair with a daggered throat to boot. Deeply unpleasant, glad to get it out of the way in time for Christmas.

Didn't let it spoil my enjoyment of the Setanta Party though, mercy no. Have to hand it to the company, they had us well oiled. Champagne getting on the train (which had couches and balloons aplenty), free hooch all the way, dinner and then breakfast the next morning.

The person I found funniest was 5X, who literally collapsed giggling when he saw the opulence of the room we were sharing. Classic. He was rolling around the ground like a man who'd been hit by a football.

In the groin.

I've kept it going in the meantime. Thursday was early to bed, while Friday took myself and Julianne and John to Billy's gig in Toner's as part of the Ballroom Of Romance. What the show lacked in lust it made up for in the thump jingle thump of Bill's drumming and Patrick's cultured delivery. It was a fucking class show by the Factro boys.

The weekend just passed was blurry. Saturday morning took myself, Johnny and Pike shopping for grub, then to the Off Licence where we bought beer and drank that beer on the couch all weekend. It didn't stop for a jot.

Superb. You've got to love the aul Christmas. Kenny's back from Germania tomorrow, staying in ours, so it'll be Limerick before rest is offered to me. I don't mind really, I'm up for it.

To Denise and Maire and Gill and Julie, cheers for the Christmas cards, I know I said I'd reciprocate but I'm too lazy and haven't even done my Christmas shopping. Sorry ladies. Ye'll soon be over it though.

Tuesday, December 14, 2004

You go first. No, you go...

...and so I'm concentrating on keeping myself well for the Christmas party. Have a cold you see. Not even a bad one. It's just bubbling under, tickling my throat and yet to hit the nose.

I figure if I keep taking the pre-emptive Lemsips (headcold variety, mentholly) I'll be alright. I'll suffer my ills on Thursday with the best of grace.

Speaking of (dis)grace, what state will I be found in on Wednesday evening in the Something Hotel in Kilkenny? I dread to think. We start boozing in the Oslo Bar in Connolly at three. Then onto a specially chartered train to Kilkenny and consumption ad nauseam...

It's ambitious, plus I'm rooming with 5X and I quoth: "Fuck it, I'm not working on Thursday. I won't sleep..." You get the gist.

I've been warned by Denise: "Don't be bringing back any Kilkenny girls - them cats are only trouble."

Well, it's trouble I seek.

Tuesday, December 07, 2004

Concern for a life partner

5X just showed me his scarred foot from the latest clash with the 'sadist gamine'. He can't be having that. Says I to him, "honest to God." He may need rode, but he needs shot twice as fast. There.

Not in the fit of me health myself, the stomach's constantly in knots and I'm having weird chest sensations. To the doctor with me, I'm sure it's just a dose of hypocrisy. Note to Cowzer - might go beerless for tomorrow night's game. This week calls for some serious min. Try to understand.

The weekend just gone was a dinger. Friday in The Duke was the most restrained birthday in memory, but merry was still made (and how! Very). Kudos to Mark Doyle and his name dropping skit, I'm having that. "Here, here, I know Brian Kerr. Honestly, Brian and I go way back." "How do you know him?" "Well I've never actually MET him as such..."

We've all met one of those boys. Classic.

On to The Village then and...well...if you're reading this you were probably there at some point in proceedings.

Took her easy on Saturday, tore through the Liffey Valley throng and that was all I could manage...

Sunday was the long-planned 'Goodbye To The Villager,' the finest boozer there is (in Chapelizod). The usual where Skehan's concerned, stout and strong whiskey. Somehow ended up in Lucan Village, got the wrong bus on purpose to prolong the session, so we visited Courtney's before Johnny picked us up, aled us some more and sent us to our respective slumbers.

A lorra laughs, head was fucked on Monday but. Anyway, this week will be min. Definitely.

Though all offers will be considered.

More to follow...

The air quality in this place is particularly bad today. Jesus. It was a good weekend, more of which anon, but for now I gotta get outta this place...

Friday, December 03, 2004

Talking about passion...

'A perfect circle of,
'Acquaintances and friends,
'Drink another,
'Coin a phrase...'

So, what's to transpire before I next take to the bed? Anyone's guess. We're mixing it up tonight in The Duke, going to see what comes out in the wash.


1. Please don't buy me a drink.
2. If you see me doing shots, stop me.
3. If I make a pass at you, let me pretend it was the beer.
4. Stay beautiful.

Bring her on. There from 5.30.

Thursday, December 02, 2004

Don't listen to him kids...

...5X, that is.

Doyle's is the venue tonight for Fell's birthday pints. Not my own. Mine is The Duke on Friday. But I've been over this before. 5X won't be told.

Says he: "I have people in my life other than you, Cuddihy. IMPORTANT people."

Says I: "Like who?"

Says he: "People."

Says I: "Tell me!"

Says he: "No."

Says I: "Oh."

It wasn't a classic exchange.