Tuesday, November 02, 2004

V sign!

These are crazy, crazy, crazy, CRAZY nights!

Or not. Don't know why I wrote that.

Spent the weekend at home, watching football and 'Angels In America' on DVD. Picked it up for a fair price, but what a strange film it is.

Basically, it's a six-hour dreamscape, a philosophical look at death (specifically AIDS-related deaths in mid 1980s New York) and the afterlife. Al Pacino annoyed me in it, again shouting his way through his role as the personification of all evil and megalomania. Can the man not do subtle anymore?

The rest is superb, if often incomprehensible. I won't get too much into it, chances are if you're reading this you know me quite well and I'll lend it to you. Judge for yourself.

The rest is academic, it's Anne's birthday today so dinner will be had in her honour. Fell's looking for pints for the City game so might indulge him. Then again might not. I've fallen out with drink and can't quite find my way back in.

Note to Cowzer: Good work on the BA in Recreational Studies manifesto, anybody who requires a prospectus contact me at tony@setanta.com. Your life will change.

Note to 5X: Studies indicate that Johnson And Johnson's 'No More Tears' formula is a shampoo, and not an antidote to the devastating blows dealt us everyday by Lady Life.

Now weep freely, you'll feel better.


Gypseysdog said...

Best start to a blog ever. EVER!

The Collector said...

Best ending to a blog entry ever.