Tuesday, November 16, 2004

Near full fitness.

I appear to be back.

There were a few hairy weeks there: Trips to Limerick, last buses home, PLAYS being watched. I readily admit I was a shadow of myself.

This past week, however, has seen a change in direction, the reallignment of me with the stars of shindiggery. Wednesday saw a few swifts halves with Denise, with old times and possibilities chewed over in equal and enjoyable measure.

Thursday came the work night out, the parting of Julie, Louise and Cian with Setanta Media. A purposeful night was had, Market Bar and The Village. Scratch that, a drunken night was had. I found out that all that glittered was bold.

Saturday and attention turned to Dakota. Cowzer has detailed the night already, but I'll add that, a patchy ten or fifteen minutes aside, the night appeared to be a success. Good to catch up with some of the old 32A girls too, each the source of temptation to my tortured adolescent 'back in the day.'

And to this week. I've nothing planned, I'll just see where these winds of change blow me.


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The Collector said...

Welcome back