Tuesday, October 12, 2004

'So and so' cuts a dash...

I've been having my most prolific day in work in the history of days in work. With 11 stories written by midday I turned to 5x and says I, "what feature should I do?"

Says he, "write about the Super Hunks."

So I did.

"Edward Norton: Powerhouse performance in American History X put him up there, and is considered the finest young actor in Hollywood. Lack of poster-boy looks may count against him, but he’s a good bet for the top of the tree. Most likely rating? 8/10."

Frankly, I'm a little perturbed at how readily I took to the article - I felt like that odious Joan Rivers at a Hollywood red carpet function, and, to a lesser extent, her daughter and co-host, Melissa Rivers. The 400 words wrote themselves in under 20 minutes.

"Matt Damon: Thank God for Bourne. Matt’s career was heading distinctly swanny-wards when he offered the part of Robert Ludlum’s Average Joe super-spy. Pay-dirt! Talent in abundance and chiselled looks, he’s up there. Most likely rating? 8.5/10."

I must be a benny.

Anyway, it's 2.16pm and I'm free in less than two hours. I could learn to love this early morning jazz. Lift in with Johnny and Pike, no buses and liberty in the late afternoon. It's handy, as I can catch Avoca before it closes and go for a quick stand-up top-up. You know what I'm talking about.

A benny.


Gypseysdog said...

What makes you think you're interesting enough to be gay?

Radge said...

Thankfully nought. Tomorrow it's 'New Hollywood fancies...'

That's me back on the straight and shallow...