Wednesday, October 06, 2004

My design.

I have a bigger room. It's the strangest thing, for six months now I've been back in box room surroundings, a compact snug with a single bed, a wardrobe, telly, video and a semi-lurid picture on the wall.

Cut to now and, with Edel in Noo Yawk, I have a spacious double boudoir with loads of storage space and a floor you can pace about on. And I like to pace.

Now, the wall behind me is, well, pink, so a lick of paint will be needed. The other walls are cream, and I was thinking of going for a nice...

Wait one moment, nearly caught 'the gay' there. I'll most likely hear what Aisling has to say and nod along politely, ask Johnny to paint it in exchange for lager beer and we'll drink as it dries.

"Everything that transpires does so according to my design..."

Matters of interior decoration aside, it's been a laid back time for me. Stayed in at the weekend with just a couple of cans each night, worked (this is my seventh day of nine in a row) and slept. The changing of the seasons pleases me - I'm a winter soul - while I'm hotly anticipating Friday and Saturday off.

Claire showed me pictures of Barcelona and my resolve to get there has been reinforced, but things are tight financially so I'll bide my time. And then swoop!

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