Friday, October 22, 2004

Keeping it indoors

5X is a terrible man.

I think he shirks fidelity with glee, I'm not having any more of his "maybe...just maybe...I could be...Jesus it's hard to say....'faithful' this one..." I'm simply never buying that one again, d'ya hear me sire? Still, he's yanging it to the full and I can only admire it.

Gotta get me some of that.

Me? I'm still infuriatingly High Fidelity. If not to the extent of Cowzer, I've found myself dividing up my time between the arts, the shindig dormant. Went on a little spree last night to celebrate the long-delayed aqcuisition of funds.

Three CDS - John Frusciante's 'The Will To Death' ("You'll love it" quoth 5X), American Music Club's 'Love Songs For Patriots' (a Skehan recommendation, seems a bit clever on first listen) and, hang on, what was it, oh yeah, The Coldspoon Conspiracy's 'Plays Well With Others.' Haven't spun that one yet.

Also got 'Gridlock'd' on DVD. It's on account of my Thandie Newton obsession. Not a bad film either but I don't think a lot of Tim Roth's Noo Yawk accent.

The Gods and my underling conspired against my weekend off so I write to you from 30 Foxborough Court. The cat's mewing like 90 downstairs, he's been in queer aul form since he got the snip last week. Still, we couldn't have the horny little devil siring up the neighbourhood now, could we?

I have an itch for radgery and my resolve to keep it indoors is waning by the minute. Might just scout around for some like minded souls later on...

I might just do that.


Gypseysdog said...

You know me too well lad. I'm crap at being decent to people. Anyway, if you want the shindig there's some major munging going on tonight...

The Collector said...

A few points:
(a) - There is nothing as bad as being as High Fidelity as me. It's something to be admired.
(b) - You however, are no where near. Buying three cds will ride you up the arse and not in a good way.
(c) - Leave XXXXX alone. It's not his fault he's hornier than the cat. Perhaps, XXXXX should get the snip?
(d) - Stop calling XXXXX 5X. I started it and I insist that it does not getting changed yet. Only black people are allowed to 'doctor' words.