Sunday, September 05, 2004

The twain...

Not good for anything today. Back in The Globe last night, Skehan made me do it. "XXXXX is up to something," says he. "Let's go and cause some mischief."

And so onwards with us. XXXXX, it turns out, was in a very tight spot. Two recent conquests, we'll call them 'the twain,' were about to meet. What does XXXXX do? Says "fuck 'em, this scene's getting tired maaaaaan, I'm gonna hook me up outside of the twain. The twain can kiss my rosy red..."

Or words to that effect.

Meanwhile, I'm at the bar doing slippery nipples, throwing cogency and an entire bed-spread to the wind. I eventually mumble my way home. Work has been slow today, I'm in rare aul form though and gaggin' for the shindig.

There's doins a transpirin'..

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