Tuesday, September 21, 2004


As Fin said, it's that mixture of fear and excitement that greets any Liverpool - Man Utd game. I like our chances, even without Danny Murphy, so often the scourge of the scum.

Heading home soon to watch it, no boozing for me tonight.

Last night I had my first ever pint in Dublin's best pub. Ryan's of Parkgate Street. You walk in and it's the '20s. You can just imagine Stephen Rea drinking there, clad in the fashion of the times. Bar-keeps were especially kindly - one even stood to attention when I addressed him as 'bar-keep,' a sackable offence in some inns - while the pints were squoze by the Gods themselves.

They even let the lads smoke in there! In this prohibitory day and age, it was a breath of stale air...

We tumbled doorwards at 12.30am, an hour and a half after closing hour and with the lads behind the bar still happy to serve us. However, myself, Ollie, Kev and Austin could take no more, we had had enough.

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The Collector said...

I was in Ryan's once. Made nice sangiches. It's on my bus route now Radge. Is it so good, it will be done again?