Friday, September 17, 2004

For medicinal purposes...

I have that feeling in my throat. It's not sore, it's just a heaviness that could signal the arrival of a cold. Drat.

Was talking to the girls about this at lunch. I'm crap at being sick.

You will have never seen a more pathetic, self-important, obnoxious creature than me with a headcold. Frankly, I use it as an excuse to make everyone as miserable as me, while explaining my compunction to drink whiskey (hot and cold) at 11am as 'medicinal.' Of course, that's a crock of crud.

Cowzer wants a pub review section added to this blog. I happen to agree. I like pubs, I frequent them, yes, all the time and I even prefer some over others. They're subconsciously rated already, just a case of chroniclisation. Or some such.

May I ask Sir Cowzer what the criteria may be? Atmosphere, quality of pints/bar snacks, ladies and (strictly) their personalities, music. Anything to add?

Over to you Sirrah...

Oh, and may I take this opportunity to wish Denise all the best on her venture, and 5X a happy holiday. He makes me want to be a better blogger.


The Collector said...

I believe that pubs needed to be graded on smell (something very important since the start of the smoking ban), toilets (toilet roll - quilted or none), bar staff and efficiency (I want my pint NOW), memories of previous good nights.

Radge said...

Interesting. It will be kept in blog.