Saturday, August 28, 2004

With enemies like these...

"While my own musical career crashed and burned, Bono's star swelled to such a magnitude that somewhere in the darkest recesses of my psyche, I felt as if I were being eclipsed."

This guy, Neil McCormick, was a classmate of Bono's in Mount Temple and has spent the intervening period clinging to the U2 singer's coat-tails, getting to fly first class and attend all the best parties. In today's 'The Ticket,' McCormick bemoans the fact that he was intended for stardom, but his schoolfriend stole his thunder.

It's an infuriating article. McCormick has even written a book about living in the shadow of Paul Hewson, about being a mere doppelganger for the world's most celebrated frontman. Self-pity, insecurity and pettiness, I'm not having any of this. So your friend went and did it while you got cropped out of the picture. Deal with it.

Who will prove himself the McCormick to my Bono???

Round one to Radge!


Gypseysdog said...

I notice nobody has yet made a comment on your bloggery. Once again I break new ground.

East Egg said...

"Self-pity, insecurity and pettiness, I'm not having any of this."
I'm glad you are making an effort at last. Even if the words have yet to be backed by your behaviour.