Friday, August 13, 2004

The queerest thing

"You scratch your balls a lot, Johnny, you know that..." "Yeah Pike? Never noticed..." Domesticity rules. Anyway, it's blog time, and my first foray. Class this, easy to set up.

Not long back from work, sweating like Gary Glitter in a creche - shower - food in the oven - packaged as usual.

Had a look through the Waga Mama cookbook, seems complicated this cooking lark.

You will need:

Soba (NOT udan, I'm told) noodles.
Sweet Potato.
Pickled ginger (what the fuck?).
One small onion (half mooned, no less).
Hoi sin sauce.
One pear tree.
A partridge.

And that's before you start cooking the bastard thing.


Holemaster said...

Holy shit, you're blogging since 2004. So did you get your hole that night?

Radge said...

Yeah, this is me as a younger and fitter man, Holemaster. And no, unless you count the cat.