Wednesday, August 25, 2004

For the clean up...

"Man, I've had a few, but they wouldn't quite blow me like you."

I'm a sucker for the old romance, me, and when sung through the dulcet tones of Nina Persson from The Cardigans...Well, pass the baseball glove.

Back to the office tomorrow. I'll be frank, looking forward to it. Sitting around ain't what it used to be, boredom sets in quicker than before.

Speaking of yesteryear (like yore, but more verbose), found some photos - mainly Anne's - from the 'broke but don't give a toss, just pass the hooch' student years. Shaved heads, waifish McCadden, Skehan and, yes, me. Johnny's afro, Fennell before Wonderland. Tear to the eye, more innocent times.

Having said that, doubtless when I'm 33 I'll hearken back to these halcyon days, the era of 'The Avalanche' and the 'gypsy's dog.' Oh, I'm gonna have fun with that...

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